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The Primacy of Relationships

As a newly minted business professional and a Christian young adult, my spirit longed to find business mindsets congruent with the truths of the Gospel. Continue reading »

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Kierkegaard Neighbor Love

[Kierkegaard's] controversial claim has been the subject of extensive academic debate, since preferential love is such an inherent human experience. Continue reading »

Committing Amidst Shopping

Let us not be too hasty to accept society’s definition of love as being uninhibiting. Continue reading »

Medieval and Modern Meet

As a Christian scholar, I read the medieval texts that are my primary area of study with a curious double vision. Continue reading »

Comment Spring 2016

James K. A. Smith, author of You Are What You Love and Editor-in-Chief of Comment, on The Augustine Collective in the Spring 2016 issue. Continue reading »

What God Expects

Therefore, the standard to be Chris­tian and to become part of the Christian community is to un­derstand this para­dox: we cannot achieve God’s standards. Continue reading »

The Sin of Adam

Recov­ering the literal sense of the Greek hamar­tia—translated in our Bibles as "sin"—we have "missed the mark." Continue reading »

Edwards and Thoreau

In composing their accounts of lakes, Jonathan Edwards and Henry David Thoreau drew from differ­ent sources and operated out of clash­ing ideological frameworks. Continue reading »

Ludwig Feuerbach and the Invented God

To put it plainly, without Feuerbach, it is likely that some of the most formative philosophy of the modern age would have developed very differently—if at all. Continue reading »

Faith and Learning

Does Christianity pose a challenge to intellectual inquiry? Continue reading »

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