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Starting at the Beginning of Justice

As God made it good, we are charged in that way to seek and uphold the good in our aspirations for justice in all of its expressions on our campus – economic justice, environmental justice, and social justice. Continue reading »

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How a Brown Student Grew in His Faith While Living Homeless

Living in the shelter for a year gave Kevin Simmons a passion for giving back and serving others. Continue reading »

The Veracity of the Gospels

Questionable historicity and copying practices are listed as reasons why students should not believe that the Gospels give us a legitimate view of Christ. Continue reading »

UC Berkeley Speak Up

On May 2, UC Berkeley's journal TAUG celebrated the publication of their Spring 2015 issue with a bi-annual Cafe Night. Continue reading »

John Lennox

People often ask me, “What is the probability that God exists?” I say to them, “What is the probability that you exist?” Continue reading »

Kyrios Christos: The Lordship of Jesus Christ Today

Profession of a “lord” is not merely religious language for adoration on some spiritual plane; it is also a matter of social and political protest. Continue reading »

And He Began to Teach Them Many Things

An interview with Professor Matthew Harrison, who previously wrote an article called "Invited to Care" about his calling to teach mathematics to those in prison. Continue reading »

Experiencing God Across Cultures

I quickly became familiar with how starkly the cultures of England and Ghana differ from one another, almost as much as the perceptions of Jesus and the way people practice their faith do. Continue reading »

Breaking Christians' Silence on Racism

In the wake of Michael Brown’s shooting in August 2014, there was a noticeable dearth of active, grassroots Christian involvement in the racial conversation in Ferguson, Missouri and the rest of the United States. Continue reading »

Moving Beyond a Black-and-White Christianity

This begs the question of what is the actual “lifestyle choice”– expressing one’s own sexual orientation and gender identity, or marginalizing LGBTQ lives because of certain beliefs? Continue reading »

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