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The Harvard Ichthus

40 Days in Luke is a blog project of the Harvard Ichthus, a student journal of Christian thought and expression. Continue reading »

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Quasars, Pulsars, Black Holes, and God

In addition to the idea of causality, the seemingly inexplicable order and structure of the universe puzzled me. Continue reading »

Justice and Authority

To begin with, it will be helpful to note that this problem is not unique to 21st century American society. Continue reading »

Is Genesis 1 Really About Creationism?

A quick confession: I used to be really, really creationist. Continue reading »

Hope in the Midst of Hurt

Ta-Nehisi Coates has been labeled this generation’s flagbearer for social justice and chief warrior against anti-Black racism. Continue reading »

Bread Alone

Dostoevsky’s Grand Inquisitor takes a materialistic approach to religious life because of the materialism of political life. Continue reading »

For the Good of All Creation

Ecological crisis, whether as dramatic as some predict or not, means we must reconsider the be­liefs implicit in a system that exploits humans, creatures, and natural resources. Continue reading »

God, Good, and Evil

We must look for a foundation that incorporates within itself the moral laws we look for, not deriving itself from them as the societal laws do. Continue reading »

Three Reasons Why Love is Active

God's love is not always comfortable, but it is perfect. It is corrective, disciplinary, challenging - it is reactionary. Continue reading »

The Suspense of Faith

But the doubt expressed by Arnold and Russell is not limited to those who decide finally to reject god. Continue reading »

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