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Finding Meaning in a Mysterious World

Our religious sense, so defined earlier as our valences towards mystery, narrative and transformation, plays a critical role in our quest to find meaning in life. Continue reading »

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Brown Sunset in Cadiz Isabella Martinez med

This summer, I traveled the Western European coast on a 2-masted brigantine called the Corwith Cramer. Continue reading »

Printing in Tongues

Through printmaking I’ve been able to find a balance in my practice between the joy of organic expression and the challenge of thoughtful design. Continue reading »

Grow Where You Are Planted

Trusting my painting not to end up looking like third-grade refrigerator material doesn’t come naturally, nor does releasing control to the Holy Spirit in the rest of life. Continue reading »

Thought Anatomies

The visual form of a collage allows for exploration of the mind’s process of coming up with thoughts; how they form, morph, and expand from fragmented ideas and memories into one cohesive image. Continue reading »

On the Resurrection of Jesus Christ

In studying historical events of antiquity, a historian must deal with the data at hand and attempt to ascertain the truth of a matter with varying degrees of certainty. Continue reading »

Robert Horner

"So would you say that science and religion, for you personally, have been two separate lives?" Continue reading »

When Culture Becomes Theology

The body of Christ has played an unfortunate role in stigmatizing interracial marriage in the United States. Continue reading »

The Dilemma of Faith in a Secular Age

Likewise, ours is an age in which believers and non-believers alike struggle with doubt about whether our beliefs are indeed the right ones. Continue reading »

Approaching a Christocentric View of Wealth

To the casual onlooker skeptical of the Catholic Church’s wealth, the concern is not how beautiful their churches are, but the cost at which they were built. Continue reading »

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