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Hobby Lobby Implications and Misconceptions

This past June, the Supreme Court addressed the issue of whether the owner of a closely held private company could be forced to provide types of birth control that violate his or her religious beliefs. Continue reading »

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Can Science Replace God?

Much of modern debate between atheists and theists has centered on a purported conflict between science and religion. Continue reading »

Where is God in History?

There remains one point about the narrative of history that is worth re­joicing over, and that is the power of larger, contextual narratives. Continue reading »

The Biblical Origins of Freedom as Non-Domination

What is Biblical freedom, or freedom from sin? Continue reading »

How Does God View Ethnicity?

Since the concept of ethnicity is of human construction, I do wonder: does God see ethnicity? Continue reading »

Revisiting the Puritans

One of the most significant things that [the Puritans] have left behind, I believe, is the emphasis on a liberal arts education. Continue reading »

Perfect Love Casts Out Fear

For my parents, success has always been defined by score-driven, resume-building standards. Continue reading »

Blessed Endurance

The Book of Job was one that I found initially too intimidating to read and I misconstrued it as merely a story about suffering. Continue reading »

Why Do I Need to Confess My Sins to a Priest?

One of the questions that many people often ask Catholics is, “Who do you need to confess your sins to a priest to receive forgiveness?" Continue reading »

The Universe: Magical, Meaningful, and Modern

Can a materialistic, physicalist account of the universe answer the fundamental questions of our existence—what does it mean to be human? Continue reading »

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