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Heaven on Earth

Imagine if a four-dimensional or higher being acted in our world as the three-dimensional being acted in Flatland. Continue reading »

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"Forty students volunteered to deliver toasties, answer questions [about Christianity], cook, and man the computers in our three stations in Thayer Basement, a Pfoho kitchen, and the Leverett Rabbit Hole." Continue reading »

Squirming in the Pew

The issue is that we, as post-Emergent Church Worshipers, seem to view corporate worship as dependent upon our emotional response to it. Continue reading »

Mathematizing the Mind

A history of uncertainty in the field of Mathematics reveals ways we might scrutinize our own philosophies and faiths through a conventionally “rational” lens. Continue reading »

Freedom Redefined

While it is paradoxical that something so rigid-sounding as “law” results in freedom, Christianity asserts this bold claim. Continue reading »

Freedom and Submission

The hours that go into surprise birthday parties, emergency hospital trips, and listening to feelings and frustrations are our submission to one another. Continue reading »

Towards a Divine Understanding of Beauty

Beauty is a question that consistently plagued some of the most influential Christian thinkers in the early centuries of the church. Continue reading »

A Few Thoughts on the Future

This problematic tension between one’s desires to make an indelible mark upon the memory of this world and the elusive nature of the future is resolved in a very unexpected way within the Christian tradition. Continue reading »

Education for Liberty

I believe the Core actually holds out a unique and precious kind of liberty, one far richer than the typical, tired myth about college. Continue reading »

A Catholic Confesses

Confession works even when I don’t expect or believe it will. Continue reading »

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