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Why Do I Need to Confess My Sins to a Priest?

One of the questions that many people often ask Catholics is, “Who do you need to confess your sins to a priest to receive forgiveness?" Continue reading »

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The Universe: Magical, Meaningful, and Modern

Can a materialistic, physicalist account of the universe answer the fundamental questions of our existence—what does it mean to be human? Continue reading »

Invited to Care

There is a tension in the criminal justice system between punishment and rehabilitation. Is it proper justice to educate murderers? Continue reading »

Persecution of Christians in North Korea

What’s wrong with not having to care about two dozen million people, not one of whom I had met before nor will ever meet? Continue reading »

Strangers in a Strange Land

What exactly does it mean to “seek the welfare of the city”? Continue reading »

Review of Peter Enns The Bible Tells Me So

According to biblical scholar Peter Enns, many Christians are wrong about the nature of the book they consider Scripture. Continue reading »

Augustine Colletive Retreato 2015

Over 95 students from 15 colleges attended to hear keynote speaker James K. A. Smith (Calvin College) discuss how magazines create communities that can change the culture. Continue reading »

I Believe in Magazines

"Because magazines are literally periodical, they create an ongoing community—readers, writers, editors, benefactors. And only communities can change cultures." Continue reading »

Finding Freedom in Constraint

Some non-Christians are often shocked at how incredibly limiting these principles seem, yet they fail to recognize how much we agree with them on this point. Continue reading »

A Christian View of History

The strength of the metanarrative of progress and the triumph of the will falls short under examination. Continue reading »

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