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The Alternative Lens of Revelation

As responsible thinkers in this society, then, it is important to endeavor to read [the book of Revelation] responsibly, keeping to the message as truly as we can. Continue reading »

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The Lost Letters

Here lies a pair of letters reported to have been torn from a devil’s handbook. These writings were composed by the crafty demon known as Screwtape, who makes his unforgettable debut in The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis. These letters, like the ones before them, shed light on the enigmatic essence of human nature, as […] Continue reading »

Why Study Theology?

An understanding of different religions is important in a world where theological beliefs enter into the political field on a regular basis. Continue reading »

The Rebellion of Faith

Christians do not know concretely how God will produce a favorable outcome from difficult situations, but they trust in Him because of evidence supporting His promise to do so and His overall track record throughout the Bible. Continue reading »

Calling a New Humanity

What was it about Jesus that allowed him to bring Jews and Greeks together into “one new humanity?” Continue reading »

Law, Craig, and Lewis on the Problem of Evil

The philosophers William Craig (a theist) and Stephen Law (an atheist) met in Westminster Central Hall to debate the existence of God. Within the discussion was an exchange on the Problem of Natural Evil. Continue reading »

On God and Suffering

Things become distorted when we are suffering, and it takes an understanding of something bigger than ourselves to realign life’s dimensions again. Continue reading »

Mercy of the Womb

In the English translation of the Bible, a quick search indicates that the word “mercy” appears approximately 261 times, absent in only 16 of the 66 books. Continue reading »

Debunking Galileo's Science v. Faith Controversy

Despite the end result of unresolved dispute, both the Church and Galileo approached every stage of the conflict with an understanding that both science and faith contained indisputable truths. Continue reading »

The Limitations of Science

All this to say, I consider science an important part of my identity, and I do not demean the discipline lightly. That said, we will examine four of science’s limitations. Continue reading »

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