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Who Tells Your Story?

Last month, Lin-Manuel Miranda, creator and star of the Broadway hit musical Hamilton, sent off Penn’s class of 2016 by sharing two stories from his own life. Continue reading »

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Forgiveness: Unjust and Illogical?

How, then, do we address the seeming injustice in forgiveness? Is forgiveness inherently a legitimization of wrong? Continue reading »

Ian Hutchinson

I’m a professor of nuclear science and engineering at MIT, and today, I am celebrating the resurrection of Jesus. So are dozens of my colleagues. How can this be? Continue reading »

To Give or Not to Give

Experiences like these have taught me the intricacies of giving. They made me wonder whether or not I should give to those in need. Continue reading »

Forgiveness and Justice

We do not forgive because we seek to appease white America who feels guilt and shame for not speaking out that black lives matter. Continue reading »


I see a nation inundated with injustice, yet a Church that is silent. Continue reading »

Christian Morality and Euthyphro's Dilemma

The changing views of society on these and other issues have to some been evidence of our moral improvement and enlightenment, and to others a sign of moral deterioration. Continue reading »

Running Toward Christ

Running has shaped what I believe is my role as a Christian in this world. Continue reading »

Locust Walk

The Penn Christian journal is re-launching under the name Locust Walk, falling into step with the brick-paved path that takes students through three communal points – a compass, a bridge, and a covenant. Continue reading »

Redeeming the Economy

Our economy is fallen, but so beautiful was God’s original plan that the clear fingerprint of His design is visible even today. Continue reading »

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