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The Blood of the Martyrs

Perpetua’s account [of martyrdom] is especially remarkable, because it is one of the few authentic voices of women from the Roman Empire. Continue reading »

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The Friend Who Went

I am still in my own healing process, although it has been a little over five and a half years since my cousin’s death. Continue reading »

The Christian Glutton

At its heart, gluttony comes from distrust. More than an issue of self-​​control, gluttony is rooted in fear. Continue reading »

Constantinople Captured!

How did Christians – who believe in peace – succumb to violence in this episode, and how do human failings affect the unity of Christians? Let us first consider the historical event. Continue reading »

Reading Marilynne Robinson

Is it bizarre that a contemporary creative writer would inspire a college student to start reading John Calvin? Absolutely. That’s the magnificence of Marilynne Robinson. Continue reading »

More than Mere Kindness

According to C.S Lewis in The Problem of Pain, “Kindness, merely as such, cares not whether its object becomes good or bad, provided only that it escapes suffering.” Continue reading »

String Theory, the Multiverse, and God

It might seem that God and string theory, like Harry and Voldemort, cannot live while the other survives. Continue reading »

Love Pain

Retaliation is only fair. It is widely accepted that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. It is only natural. But nothing about the Gospel is natural. Continue reading »

The Apostle Paul: Sexist or Pragmatist?

Unfortunately, it would seem, Paul was able to slip a few questionable passages past the Divine Editor and now modern Christians must simply closet these antiquated verses with embarrassment. Continue reading »

The Indispensable Image

The question that haunts these chapters is: how will the nations come to know the one true God? Will it be through the futility of idols, or through the faithfulness of Israel? Continue reading »

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