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The Trial of Images

This “physicality” is the key, I think, in understand­ing the core difference in the way one of the methods is iconic and one is idolic. Continue reading »

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Stop Freaking Out About Your Job

But your specific variety of work does not define you. And the more you think that it does or should, the more you dig yourself into a pit of anxiety and self-pity. Continue reading »

The Call to Love

By saying that God must be loved with the entire mind, Jesus suggests that interpretations of scripture by faith or by logic need not contradict each other. Continue reading »

How Christians Navigate College and Career

I talked with six Christian seniors at Harvard, each with varying concentrations and potential career paths, to understand how Christians at Harvard think about their faith, academics, and future careers. Continue reading »

The Religious Beliefs of Scientists

At first glance, there seems to be no doubt that scientists as a whole affiliate less with religion than the general public. Continue reading »

On Love III by George Herbert

Love is gentle and kind, quietly observant of the persona’s hesitancy, and his questioning is not interrogative but “sweet." Continue reading »

To Become the One Who is Near to Others

Beneficent action does not entail benevolent action, does not entail that we learn to genuinely love the good of others for their sake, Continue reading »

Consistency and Subtlety

I have come to learn that the physical campus has great influence on the culture of the student body and its ideologies at the Claremont Colleges. Continue reading »

Texts from God

Let me know when you're free to talk, I've been missing you. Continue reading »

The Abortion Doula Paradox

I would not for a minute occlude the compassion and self-sacrifice that abortion doulas freely display, nor can I deem their actions good in light of how their work undercuts specific potential for human life. Continue reading »

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