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The Westboro Baptist Church: Rebellion Gone Wrong

Simply put, the WBC expresses hate towards groups that do not adhere to their teachings and stances. Continue reading »

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A Response to CS Lewis Four Loves

By revisiting the Greek to establish categories into which love can be divided, The Four Loves gives a framework for practicing love. Continue reading »

Screwtape on Prefrosh

Unseat the desire for truth in your patient and replace it with a desire for academic respect, and your job is half done. Continue reading »

Second Chances

How then can a Christian advocate punishment that never ends and a criminal background that never fades? Continue reading »

Leaving Space to Listen

As such, listening to God requires listening in the most literal sense of the word. When I listen to God, what I do is very similar to what I do before a jazz concert. Continue reading »

An Interview with Professor Reimer

"[On science and faith:] It’s like living with your brother. You’re different but you’re close, and that’s how conflict can arise too." Continue reading »

Escaping the Prison of Guilt

It is important to acknowledge the harm that our sins cause, but the depth of one’s guilt should not be a standard for one’s moral worth. Continue reading »

Re-meeting God

According to the Gospel, God doesn’t want to be on stage all the time. He wants to come down and be with the audience. Continue reading »

Radical Generosity

According to one set of statistics, Christians give at 2.5% of income per capita, less than the 3.3% of income per capita given during the Great Depression. Continue reading »

The Invisible and Invisible Church

The invisible church is a term for all believers in Jesus Christ. ... A visible church is a human organization that supports Christians in their varied expressions of belief, trust, in Christ. Continue reading »

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