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Can Robots Be Saved?

If we are ever successful in developing a synthetic consciousness, will the Christian gospel extend to them as well? Continue reading »

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Why Apologetics?

Rather than assuming that most people hold loosely Christian views, or trying to demonstrate that non-Christian views have no foundation, I focus on how Christianity explains the world as we actually experience it. Continue reading »

Making Peace with my Worst Enemy

As he talked about forgiving that enemy in your life, I wondered, how could I forgive myself when it was me who was causing the pain and yet not stopping it? Continue reading »

Does Divine Mercy Contradict Divine Justice?

If justice is giving what is due and mercy is overlooking what is due then it appears that justice and mercy really are contradictory. Continue reading »

Rebellion Against the Bible?

There are four general strains of reasoning that argue for the reliability of the Bible: internal consistency, archaeological evidence, manuscript evidence, and logical extrapolation from history. Continue reading »

The Art of Reconciliation

When faced with the daunting task of comforting a friend who was contemplating suicide, I felt utterly helpless in trying to prevent her actions, while she felt utterly hopeless in trying to control her emotions. Continue reading »

Smeared Mascara and Baby Steps

I now believe that as I learned more and more about the nature of God, it became easier for me to be more patient with my sister, to let my guard down and not expect the worst, and to both forgive and forget when things got rocky. Continue reading »

In Defense of Miracles

While a thorough defense of theism is outside of the scope of this article, let us quickly consider some of the arguments for theism and against naturalism. Continue reading »

A Defense of the Argument From Motion

When I was first introduced to St. Thomas Aquinas’ Five Ways, I was unim­pressed. I was a junior attending Catholic high school, and, at the time, I did not be­lieve in God. Continue reading »

A Response to James Hunter's To Change the World

While Hunter asserts that Christians should not be trying to change the world, there is nuance, for he does not advocate or condone passivity. Continue reading »

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