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Responding to a Mother's Schizophrenia

My mother is schizophrenic. During her moments of irrationality, I am tempted to curse God for inflicting her with such an illness. Continue reading »

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La Iglesia de San Pedro

The Church of San Pedro in Ávila is at the edge of a small plaza and grabbed my attention by its simplicity. Continue reading »

Unexpected Miracles

My third day in Berkeley, I discovered that my next-door neighbor shared my faith. God knew I would need Christian friends as I entered a period of independence, so He provided one for me. Continue reading »

Cantor's Theorem (image illustrates Zeno's Paradox)

The Christological claim that Jesus is both human and divine at the same time is analogous to the claim that Jesus is both finite and infinite. Continue reading »

God's Sovereignty in the Midst of Depression

Reconciling the Christian hope we are meant to have with the crushing experience of hopelessness, anxiety and sadness we may actually feel can seem like an irresolvable struggle. Continue reading »

When My Faith Becomes Merely Rules

If my religion were only about me following rules, my faith would be imprisoning and stifling. I’d be guilt-ridden, constantly feeling like I’m not good enough for God. Continue reading »

Lutheran Identity in an Age of Pluralism

According to its mission statement, St. Olaf encourages students “to be seekers of truth, leading lives of unselfish service to others; and it challenges them to be responsible and knowledgeable citizens of the world.” Continue reading »

The Great Commission

I will argue that throughout history the church has consistently been successful in making disciples of all nations, but the behavior of self-identified Christians in modern America are not radically different than the population at large. Continue reading »

Scope of Scientific Inquiry

The qualifications of scientific knowledge will aid us in seeing to what extent science is capable of speaking what is true about the reality, and in turn, concerning what is true about religion. Continue reading »

Christianity and Personality

The societal struggle to define the proper relationship between logical thought and passionate feeling within the human cognitive process is a recurring topic of discourse. Continue reading »

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