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Strangers in a Strange Land

What exactly does it mean to “seek the welfare of the city”? Continue reading »

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Review of Peter Enns The Bible Tells Me So

According to biblical scholar Peter Enns, many Christians are wrong about the nature of the book they consider Scripture. Continue reading »

Augustine Colletive Retreato 2015

Over 95 students from 15 colleges attended to hear keynote speaker James K. A. Smith (Calvin College) discuss how magazines create communities that can change the culture. Continue reading »

I Believe in Magazines

"Because magazines are literally periodical, they create an ongoing community—readers, writers, editors, benefactors. And only communities can change cultures." Continue reading »

Finding Freedom in Constraint

Some non-Christians are often shocked at how incredibly limiting these principles seem, yet they fail to recognize how much we agree with them on this point. Continue reading »

A Christian View of History

The strength of the metanarrative of progress and the triumph of the will falls short under examination. Continue reading »

The Gift of Evolution

Using the same metaphor Darwin does in his conclusion of The Origin of Species, we do not want to be like “savages who look upon a ship as something totally incomprehensible.” Continue reading »

Confessions of an Economics Concentrator

I confess that I study economics, and that I sometimes think about becoming a Wall Street financier. I also confess that I am a Christian, and that I often think about becoming a pastor. Continue reading »

Ethnicity and Incommensurability

Let’s address the elephant in the room: Asian Americans hold a disproportionate share of power and influence in the Christian community. Continue reading »

William Jewett Tucker

William Jewett Tucker holds a special place in Dartmouth College history as a graduate of the class of 1861 and as the College’s ninth president. Continue reading »

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