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Finding Freedom in Constraint

Some non-Christians are often shocked at how incredibly limiting these principles seem, yet they fail to recognize how much we agree with them on this point. Continue reading »

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A Christian View of History

The strength of the metanarrative of progress and the triumph of the will falls short under examination. Continue reading »

The Gift of Evolution

Using the same metaphor Darwin does in his conclusion of The Origin of Species, we do not want to be like “savages who look upon a ship as something totally incomprehensible.” Continue reading »

Confessions of an Economics Concentrator

I confess that I study economics, and that I sometimes think about becoming a Wall Street financier. I also confess that I am a Christian, and that I often think about becoming a pastor. Continue reading »

Ethnicity and Incommensurability

Let’s address the elephant in the room: Asian Americans hold a disproportionate share of power and influence in the Christian community. Continue reading »

William Jewett Tucker

William Jewett Tucker holds a special place in Dartmouth College history as a graduate of the class of 1861 and as the College’s ninth president. Continue reading »

The Gift of Confession

The desire to confess may seem counter-intuitive. Obviously the seeker-sensitive movement assumed this was the last thing non-Christians wanted to do. Continue reading »

Tweeting Indulgences

We stand as careful guardians of church practice, not as nostalgic Luddites, when we say that issuing a plenary indulgence to those who follow an event over social media deserves a cautious examination. Continue reading »

Jesus, America, and the Middle East

Throughout my upbringing and young adulthood, I have been confronted by Jesus’ amazing and radical love while also witnessing unloving political acts directed at those affiliated with the Middle East. Continue reading »

Does God Play Dice?

How could God (knowingly, deliberately) create a process that brings about outcomes that He Himself does not know and cannot predict? Continue reading »

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