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To Become the One Who is Near to Others

Beneficent action does not entail benevolent action, does not entail that we learn to genuinely love the good of others for their sake, Continue reading »

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Social Justice and the Eucharist

Although the Church was not the source of the injustices in their community, they believed those who were wasteful or did not give freely exacerbated the suffering of others. Continue reading »

The Good News

One of the primary tenets of Christianity is that we are obligated to spread the “good news”—in other words, the Gospel. But what is this good news? Continue reading »

Scriptural Interpretation

The years leading up to the Civil War saw abolitionists and supporters of the antislavery movement clashing with proslavery Americans over specific scriptural passages related to slavery. Continue reading »

The greatest burden for the woman, more than an unplanned pregnancy, is the burden of living but knowing that she felt her circumstances forced her to terminate a human life within her. Continue reading »

Metaphysical Rebellion from Cain to Camus

Perhaps more than any other twentieth-century thinker, Albert Camus submitted a daunting challenge to the position of humanity in the cosmos. Continue reading »

Examining Moral Failure in the Bible

When many skeptics critique biblical figures such as David, Abraham, or Moses, they do so with the assumption that any evidence that compromises these figures’ moral authority compromises the Bible’s authority. Continue reading »

Kingdom Mindfulness

If our awareness is only tuned to the material, earthly realm, we will miss the substantive reality of the moment. Continue reading »

The Aestheticism of the Christian "Death"

So the hope of this essay is this: that both secular and Christian audiences find commonality in the comfort of beauty for ashes. Continue reading »

The Desire for a Relationship God

The story is ostensibly a sad tale of a short-lived machine exploited by humans, yet it is also a story about a creature yearning to connect with what it perceives as a higher order of beings. Continue reading »

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