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Theology of Terrorism

Theology of Terrorism: Exploring the Roots of Religious Violence

Unfortunately, the question of what “terrorism” actually means is a surprisingly difficult one, considering its near-constant use by the media today.

Joshua Tseng-Tham | The Dartmouth Apologia | Fall 2016
In the Beginning

In the Beginning, [Insert Here] Created the Heavens and the Earth

In fact, as an important parallel, the vast majority of Christians in fields of theology have abandoned a literal interpretation of the Book of Revelation in favor of a more symbolic and poetic account.

Collin English | The Hopkins Dialectic | Fall 2016
Veritas Forum: Seeking Satisfaction

Veritas Forum: Satisfaction and the Good Life

In this particular Veritas Forum, Dr. Tim Keller, prolific Christian author and founding pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church, represented the Christian faith, and Professor Mark Lilla, intellectual historian at Columbia University, represented a secular worldview.

Nathan Barlow | The Columbia Crown and Cross | Fall 2016 (blog)
Christianity and Culture

Christianity and Culture

How can I preserve my cultural heritage – steeped in ancestral worship, astrology, and polytheism – when it sometimes conflicts with my spiritual beliefs?

Emily Lau | The Columbia Crown & Cross | Spring 2016 (blog)
Prophecy, Progress, and Repentance

Prophecy, Progress, and Repentance: The Role of the Individual in Human History

Therefore, prophecy is primarily concerned with what may occur if the errant currents of the present are allowed to flow unaltered into the local or temporally proximal future.

Jake Casale | The Dartmouth Apologia | Spring 2016
The Manna of Human Rights

The Manna of Human Rights

As aforementioned, the lack of a solid foundation for human rights and dignity provides leeway for human rights violations and impunity for perpetrators of atrocities.

Aurora Ling | UC Berkeley TAUG | Fall 2016
Everything Under the Sun is Absurd

Everything Under the Sun is Absurd

Since July, I have been reading The Plague, by Albert Camus, alongside an older member of my home church. We discuss parts of the book through the lens of Christianity, and one topic which recurs over and over is the absurd.

Michael McGinnis | Cornell Claritas | Fall 2016
Augustine Collective Retreat 2017

Highlights from the Annual Retreat 2017

Over 140 students from 18 colleges attended to hear keynote speaker Andy Crouch (Editor of Christianity Today and bestselling author) discuss the opportunities their journals have to creature culture and speak to their campuses.

Augustine Collective | Augustine Collective | January 2017

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Who Tells Your Story

Who Tells Your Story?

Last month, Lin-Manuel Miranda, creator and star of the Broadway hit musical Hamilton, sent off Penn’s class of 2016 by sharing two stories from his own life.

Connie Miller | UPenn Locust Walk | Spring 2016
Forgiveness Unjust and Illogical

Forgiveness: Unjust and Illogical?

How, then, do we address the seeming injustice in forgiveness? Is forgiveness inherently a legitimization of wrong?

Tori Campbell | The Yale Logos | Spring 2016
Ian Hutchinson

Can a Scientist Believe in the Resurrection? Three Hypotheses

I’m a professor of nuclear science and engineering at MIT, and today, I am celebrating the resurrection of Jesus. So are dozens of my colleagues. How can this be?

Ian Hutchinson | MIT et Spiritus | Spring 2016
To Give or Not to Give

To Give or Not To Give

Experiences like these have taught me the intricacies of giving. They made me wonder whether or not I should give to those in need.

Briani George | Swarthmore Peripateo | Spring 2015
Forgiveness and Justice

Forgiveness and Justice

We do not forgive because we seek to appease white America who feels guilt and shame for not speaking out that black lives matter.

Emani Pollard | The Cornell Claritas | Fall 2015


I see a nation inundated with injustice, yet a Church that is silent.

Nia Campinha-Bacote | The Yale Logos | Spring 2016
Christian Morality and Euthyphro's Dilemma

Christian Morality and Euthyphro’s Dilemma

The changing views of society on these and other issues have to some been evidence of our moral improvement and enlightenment, and to others a sign of moral deterioration.

Richard Ibekwe | MIT et Spiritus | Spring 2016
Running Toward Christ

Running Toward Christ

Running has shaped what I believe is my role as a Christian in this world.

Johanan Sowah | The Columbia Crown & Cross | Fall 2015