Power, in our modern context, consists of (1) the ability to do things others are not able to do, or (2) the ability to control others’ actions directly. What makes our God so great is that even though he has total control over our lives and everything in it, his provision supports us in everything that we do, through mountains and valleys. I took this photoset during a church retreat, and something I really felt that weekend was that even though we might feel restricted by the Lord and his Word at times, we have to remember that the control we believe is choking us is actually holding us up and allowing us to walk, see and live in this broken world.

1) Away: Turning away is easy, turning back is hard


2) Self-ish: Your tightest constrictor is yourself


3) Self-less: He helps us against ourselves


4) Vision: When we can’t see, He will open our eyes


5) Humility: When we can’t stand, He will lower himself in order to help us walk


6) Support: When we can’t raise our arms, He will raise our arms



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