Augustine Collective Featured in Comment Magazine

James K. A. Smith, author of You Are What You Love and Editor-in-Chief of Comment, mentioned The Augustine Collective in the Spring 2016 issue:

Comment Spring 2016

“In January I had another opportunity to spend time with students involved with the Augustine Collective, a network of student-led Christian journals publishing on leading university campuses in the United States (a movement recently highlighted by Molly Worthen in a New York Times op-ed). … It struck me that there is something about the ongoingness of a journal or magazine that is a very different experience from publishing books. A magazine is like an ongoing conversation – a kind of covenant in ink and paper. You have to keep showing up, and that in itself requires a kind of faithfulness that can be both a discipline and a model. Moreover, it means you have to keep thinking. You can’t repeat yourself – the very commitment to publishing a magazine is a commitment to remain open, to keep asking questions, to face new challenges.”

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