Starting and Running a Magazine

by Jordan Hylden, Harvard ’06

Jordan Hylden was the founding Editor-in-Chief of Harvard’s Ichthus.


Starting a Journal of Christian Thought

Jordan Hylden, Founder, Harvard Ichthus

So… you want to start a magazine. Great! The only problem is, you don’t know how. “I can hardly even keep my room clean,” you say, “or make any sort of food that doesn’t come with directions printed on the side of the box. How can I start up and run a magazine? I don’t even know where to start!” Well, if that’s where you find yourself—long on enthusiasm and short on experience—then that’s where I can help out.

I, like you, in fact still have problems keeping my room clean and cooking anything more complex than Easy Mac, but over my last four years in college, I did at least learn how to run a magazine. And, having worked full‐time at one (First Things), I’ve learned even more.

This is meant to be a short, simple, just‐the‐facts‐ma’am guide to starting and running a magazine. I’ll run through the topics that I think you’ll need to know, starting from the beginning: Step 1.