Printing in Tongues

Through printmaking I’ve been able to find a balance in my practice between the joy of organic expression and the challenge of thoughtful design. It is in this kind of contrast that I find my aesthetic and conceptual groove. Printmaking—including screen printing—requires planning and preparation well before any prints are actually made. I tend to make art somewhere between this kind of thoughtfulness and my own propensity for spontaneity.

Over time, abstraction has become a way for me to deal with transcendence, and more specifically, the Incarnation. The Word became flesh and the more I think about it, the more I can’t really get over it. I started making prints incorporating Marian iconography as a way of exploring this theology and as I explored, my images started shifting toward abstraction. Like the uttering of tongues, I didn’t have words of my own language to express the weight and wonder of the reality of Christ incarnate.

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