Highlights from the Annual Retreat 2015

Augustine Collective Retreat 2015

This year’s retreat was held in Boston, MA from January 23rd-25th, the first retreat to span two nights. Over 95 students from 15 colleges attended to hear keynote speaker James K. A. Smith (Calvin College) discuss how magazines create communities that can change the culture. Jordan Hylden (Harvard University ’06), Jordan Monge (Harvard University ’12) and Andrew Schuman (Dartmouth College ’10) shared lessons from their experience of starting and running a Christian journal.

Here’s what several participants had to say:

“[I learned that] in Christ, all things hold together, including our faith and reason. Learning how to cultivate and curate our worldviews is important to our maturity, and learning how to share those worldviews is an act of service and love to our neighbors.” -Cornell ’16

“I learned that it’s important to always have a vision in mind for your journal and that vision should never stop growing. I also learned about how important love is in who we are and how that affects our publications.” -Brown ’15

“Key ideas I’ll be taking away are: 1. These publications matter as an important tool of sharing the Gospel. 2. Organization matters. 3. How editing works. 4. How much support there is among various campuses.” -Yale ’16

“[My takeaway is] the idea that I as a writer am writing to capture the imagination of people at Harvard, and by capturing their imagination I hope others will initiate a conversation in which Christianity grabs them in some way they never had thought possible.” -Harvard ’18

Retreat Materials

Keynote Addresses by Dr. James K. A. Smith

Lessons from Starting and Running a Journal with Jordan Hylden

  • • Lessons from Starting and Running a Journal (docx) (pdf)

Editing Workshop with Fare Forward

  • • Editing: An Art and Science (pptx)

Design Workshop with Ian Callahan

  • • Design Matters (pdf)
  • • Slant flatplan (pdf)

Development and Funding Workshop with Tim Norton

  • • The Seven I’s for Fundraising Success (doc) (docx) (pdf)

Schedule and More

Participating Schools

Students from:

Students also from:

  • • Middlebury College (soon launching Vine)
  • • California Polytechnic State University
  • • Bowdoin College
  • • University of Connecticut
  • • Cornell University
  • • University of Massachusetts Amherst
  • • Washington University

Alumni Coaches from (view profiles):

  • • The Harvard Ichthus
  • • The Dartmouth Apologia
  • • The Williams Telos
  • • The Yale Logos
  • • The Brown & RISD Cornerstone
  • • Princeton Revisions
  • • Claremont Ekklesia
  • • University of Connecticut
  • • Georgetown University

Other Attendees:

  • • Fare Forward
  • • Ravi Zacharias International Ministries
  • • Christ Redeemer Church, Hanover NH
  • • First Baptist Church, Amherst MA
  • • MERCYHouse, Amherst MA


Photos by David Ritter.

Photos by the Augustine Collective.

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