Highlights from the Annual Retreat 2017

The 9th annual Augustine Collective Retreat was held in Boston, MA from January 20-22, 2017. Over 140 students from 18 colleges attended to hear keynote speaker Andy Crouch (Editor of Christianity Today and bestselling author) discuss the opportunities their journals have to create culture and speak to their campuses.

Here’s what several participants had to say:

“I learned so, so much about how to approach writing, how to think about engaging article topics, the logistics of making a journal, etc. – but most of all I took away from the retreat the importance of “being a prophet on campus,” to use Andy’s words. It was so strengthening to see all of us at the conference together with the same mission, facing similar trials on our campuses.” –Yale ’20

“To write for my campus, I have to know my campus; but to know my campus I must first learn to love it. This mindset will guide me in my writing and my publication at large.” –Williams ’19

“[I’ve gained ] the encouragement of meeting and having fellowship with students engaged in similar work in similar campus environments. I was also inspired to think about my work on the journal more intentionally and to think specifically about the relationships that are being formed. –Swarthmore ’20

“We’re part of a movement much bigger than just our single publication on campus.” –Swarthmore ’19

“I loved and will continue to think about the idea of excellence being the combination of order and abundance and the idea of culture as being “what man makes of the world, in both senses.” In my writing and involvement in Apologia over the rest of my time as a member, I want to see how I can encourage and embody a Dartmouth Christ-based culture, rather than just criticizing the current culture without providing any meaningful alternatives.” –Dartmouth ’18

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Photo credit: Justin Dunn