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Why Wait?

Why Wait? An Analysis of Christian Ethical Perspectives on Premarital Sex

The traditional Christian injunction against premarital sex, writes C. S. Lewis, “is so difficult and so contrary to our instincts, that obviously either Christianity is wrong or our sexual instinct, as it is now, has gone wrong."

Teng-Kuan Ng | The Harvard Ichthus | Fall 2012
A Lament for Skepticism

A Lament for Skepticism

It seems to be a common assumption that religious believers are somehow irrational for holding the beliefs that they do. The claim, simply put, is that there just isn’t enough (or any) convincing evidence for the truth of many Christian beliefs, such as the belief in God, especially in light of the discoveries of modern science.

Enoch Kuo | Princeton Revisions | Summer 2013
On Writing

On Writing

In writing—in any creative act—we im­age our God, who spoke each minute detail of the world into existence, and in taking time to craft story out of words, we affirm the inherent value of embodied life that Christ so beautifully redeemed through the Incarnation.

Debbie Knubley | The Wheaton Pub | Fall 2012
Deconstruction and the Nature of God's Grace

Deconstruction and the Nature of God’s Grace

The Christian Church often either exuberantly embraces postmodernism or rejects it fully. Both of these extremist views show a willingness to put too much hope in human philosophies, a willingness which Saint Paul warns against in Colossians 2:8.

Caroline Suresh | The Dartmouth Apologia | Spring 2013
The Messy Theology of Justice

The Messy Theology of Justice

Love is not about the show and discipline of religious habits, but about the raw, arduous, and messy everyday work of justice.

Hana Lehmann | Swarthmore Peripateo | Spring 2013

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