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DAMN: Kendrick Lamar’s Radical Lament

DAMN: Kendrick Lamar’s Radical Lament

Kendrick Lamar is currently one of the world’s most talented lyricists, a generational storyteller, and a Christian grappling with eternal condemnation.

Kion You | The Brown & RISD Cornerstone | Spring 2018
Are We Ready for a New Sexual Ethic?

Are We Ready for a Renewed Sexual Ethic?

According to the mores of contemporary sexual ethics, both Grace and Ansari were playing by the rules.

Sean Kim | The Columbia Crown & Cross | Spring 2018
God’s Heart Towards Individuals With Disabilities

God’s Heart Towards Individuals With Disabilities

Most of us believe that inclusion of individuals with disabilities matters. However, Christianity takes this belief a step further and in a different direc­tion.

Mimi Cole | Vanderbilt Synesis | Spring 2018
Friend of Sinners

Friend of Sinners

Jesus was known to be a friend of sinners, and his life has encouraged me to do the same in my work within the criminal justice system–to befriend them, encourage them, and find them worthy of healing, rehabilitation, and forgiveness.

Brittany Krippner | CalPoly Aletheia | Spring 2018
Faith in a Crowded Space

Faith in a Crowded Space

Yet most important to Dante, beyond the universe’s organization and population, is the fact that he was connected to it, and that the whole thing was powered by love.

Tess Fitzsimmons | The Harvard Ichthus | Fall 2017

The Great Unseen

Both L’Engle’s work and the Bible are based in stories, but using the term 'stories' doesn’t imply falsehood.

Abigail Bezrutczyk | Cornell Claritas | Spring 2018
Why Politics?

Why Politics?

Have we limited the church’s full support of Christians in “secular” fields, diminishing their calling as ambassadors in “secular” spheres of society?

Isabella Chow | UC Berkeley TAUG | Spring 2018

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The Body of Christ

The Body of Christ: Notes from an Anatomist

However, if working with deceased bodies provides any insight, I can say this: understanding the water-sacks we inhabit falls far short of knowing the full complexity of personhood.

Aldis Petriceks | Stanford Vox Clara | Winter 2018
Wonder Woman Is Love All We Need

Wonder Woman: Is Love Really All We Need?

Wonder Woman has the opportunity to save humanity, but, especially in light of the human cruelty she witnesses in battle, she struggles with the fact that humans freely choose to commit such atrocities to each other.

Hailey Scherer | The Dartmouth Apologia | Fall 2017
Living in a Secular Age

Living in a Secular Age

In the end, secularity is a broadening of people’s experiences with where they locate meaning. From this lens, secularity doesn’t look so much like a good or bad thing, but more as an opportunity.

Noah Black | The Vanderbilt Synesis | Fall 2017
Race and or the Christian Identity

Race and/or the Christian Identity?

All Christians share a place in the intersectionality of faith and race, but these identities need not be subject to an “either-or” debate.

Abi Bernard | Cornell Claritas | Fall 2017
What is Justice

What is Justice?

If Jesus’ loving death on the cross becomes the Christian archetype of justice, our vision has more in common with Socrates’ than with Thrasymachus’ or Cephalus’.

Luke Foster | The Yale Logos | Spring 2016
N T Wright

Interview with N. T. Wright: The Reality of the Resurrection and the Mission of the Church

"If you believe that the evidence for the resurrection to be compelling, why do you think so many people nonetheless reject it?"

The Dartmouth Apologia Staff | The Dartmouth Apologia | Fall 2016
War and Peace in Christian Tradition

War and Peace in Christian Tradition

What are some wise insights and necessary points of reflection that we, Christian or not, should take heed of when confronted with violence, war and the question of justice?

Erik Johnson | MIT et Spiritus | Fall 2016

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