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Demythologizing Protestant Christianity's Relationship with Nazi Germany

Demythologizing Protestant Christianity’s Relationship with Nazi Germany

It is important to realize that the racial anti-Semitism which characterized Nazi Ger­many was not an invention of the National Socialists, but rather a radicalization of many social and religious factors which predated Hitler’s rise to power.

Rebecca Ito | The Wheaton Pub | Fall 2016
Postmodernism and the Paradox of Tolerance

Postmodernism and the Paradox of Tolerance

Postmodernism conflates truth and personhood, and in doing so confines the person to a state of perpetual insecurity and vulnerability. It is this fear of violence that prevents modern persons from recognizing the inherent dignity of their peers.

Joshua Tseng-Tham | The Dartmouth Apologia | Spring 2017
What the Debate on Religious Freedom Really Means

What the Debate on Religious Freedom Really Means

In this paper I categorize criticism of religious freedom into two groups and explore how the debate about religious freedom surfaces competing narratives about the purpose of individual choice.

Andrew Shi | Cornell Claritas | Spring 2016
Why States Fail

Why States Fail: Lessons from Augustine

If we can ascertain our nature, we can begin to understand what makes societies perpetually problematic.

Jeffrey Poomkudy | The Dartmouth Apologia | Spring 2017
How to Reject Jesus

How to Reject Jesus

There are a number of approaches to rejecting Jesus Christ as being God. I have chosen the four I find most common and most natural to assert.

Bobby Peretti | The Hopkins Dialectic | Fall 2016
Nonviolent Action and the Revolution of the Cross

Nonviolent Action and the Revolution of the Cross

In fact, in line with this trend of “questioning institutions”, MIT has recently announced a $250,000 award to further encourage “extraordinary civil, non-violent disobedience for the benefit of society.” But why is this all happening?

Matthew Chun | MIT et Spiritus | Spring 2017

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