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St Olaf Avodah staff

St. Olaf Launches “Avodah”

“Avodah” is a Hebrew word that means both work and worship, and it represents the desire of the journal’s staff to integrate their work as students — learning to be critical thinkers — with honoring God.

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A Postmodern Unity

A Postmodern Unity

It is not that of two people who describe their experience with God slightly differently, one must be in error. Rather, the nature of one’s experience with God will be different.

David Paiva | The Harvard Ichthus | Fall 2013
Beyond the Empirical Fence

Finding Oneself Beyond the Empirical Fence

But wouldn’t everybody act more or less the same if there were no religion and instead most of the same rules were held on a purely secular basis?

Nicholas Zahorodny | Swarthmore Peripateo | Fall 2013
The Crownless Again Shall Be King

The Crownless Again Shall Be King

We believe that the Christian faith can contribute much to an academic life. We’re also convinced that the ideas and diversity of a university can enrich the life of faith.

The Columbia Crown & Cross Editorial Board | The Columbia Crown & Cross | Spring 2014
Poetry and the Redemption Story

Poetry and the Redemption Story

We are not academics searching to excavate truth from a divine treatise. Instead we are beings intimately woven into a poem in which God tenderly shows us what to love, how to love, and why we love.

Siqi Cao | The Columbia Crown & Cross | Spring 2014
A Response to Bad Religion

A Response to Ross Douthat’s Bad Religion

Adopting C.S. Lewis’ concept of love’s responsibility, Ross Douthat harshly criticizes American Christianity in hopes of encouraging a stronger future.

Elena Zinski | The Dartmouth Apologia | Fall 2012

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