Highlights from the West Coast Retreat 2017

The 2nd Augustine Collective West Coast Retreat was held in Cambria, CA from March 3rd-4th, 2017. 13 students from University of California-Berkeley, CalPoly-San Luis Obispo, and Stanford University attended to learn more about publishing journals on their campus, coming from a thoughtful, rigorous standpoint grounded in the good news of Christianity. Additionally, students from UC Berkeley TAUG and CalPoly Aletheia shared about their experience starting and sustaining their journals. UC Berkeley has been publishing TAUG since 2008, and CalPoly launched their first issue of Aletheia last fall after attending last year’s retreat!

Speakers included Ryan Stewart, regional coach for the Augustine Collective and founder of the Claremont Ekklesia, Inez Tan, communications coordinator for the Augustine Collective and former editor-in-chief of the Williams Telos, and Jordan Monge, former editor-in-chief of the Harvard Ichthus.

Here’s what several participants had to say:

“I became excited by the vision of Christian journals: bringing the light of the gospel into the issues that grieve students on our campus. These journals are as much for our readers as they are for the staff. For when we think about these issues from a Christian perspective, our hearts are changed, and our imaginations are rebaptized. Practically, I gained ideas as to how to run a sustainable journal once it exists, and I got the message that I need to find others as excited about this ideas as I am!” –Stanford ’18

“For Christian thinkers, the retreats help us build appreciation for Christianity in a way that speaks our language and makes sense to our hearts. The large sessions make things feel bigger and grander than just our little journal.” –Cal Poly student

“We have an incredible opportunity to speak into the spaces that need to be spoken to on our college campuses with Christian insight, and our speech should be prayerful, productive of discussion, and sourced from love for our campus.” –UC Berkeley ’18

“[The retreat] was helpful because a lot of questions I had were answered. I’m thankful that I have more guidance now to be a leader.” –UC Berkeley ’18

“[My key takeaway was] That a thriving Christian journal is possible at other schools so it is possible at ours!” –Cal Poly ’19

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