Matthew Chun
MIT et Spiritus

Engineering for God and Humanity

This past January, I had the opportunity to conduct field research on amputees through a partnership with two of India’s most impactful non-governmental organizations (NGOs) for people with disabilities.

Engineering for God and Humanity
Blessed Are the Poor: Debunking the Protestant Work Ethic
The Human Idiot and the Superhuman Giant
God’s Justice: A Shifting Standard?
Revisiting the Life of Martin Luther King Jr.: Perspectives for Today’s Challenges
The Trinity of Physics, Christianity, and Life
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We, the students of the Augustine Collective, publish journals of Christian thought because we believe the Christian Gospel encompasses the whole of life itself; that the brokenness of this world is mirrored in the brokenness of God on the cross; and that the answer to our brokenness is found only in the Resurrection. So we endeavor to think rigorously, question honestly, and invite our universities to integrate faith and reason in the pursuit of truth and human flourishing.

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